Look out: here comes the New Nanna genre!

Since moving to Sydney, becoming a member of the NSW Writers’ Centre has been a big part of my feeling included in the writing community. I’ve been along to a few events: the launch of the Talking Writing e-book , the fantastic Speculative Fiction festival and am very much looking forward to next Tuesday night’s Talking Writing event – Modern Memoirs:blogging vs memoirs with Jo Case, Zoey Martin and Eden Riley. Details here.

Last night the Centre launched its July-December course program at Books Kinokuniya with a fun genre mash up including a chance for audience participation and a prize of a short course. The audience favourite would win the prize.

While listening to MC, George Catsi and “here’s two we prepared earlier” genre mashers, Zena Shapter and Jane Meredith, I scribbled some notes. Technically what I was thinking about pitching wasn’t a genre mash up: I wondered if the audience would buy the idea for a new genre. If the New Adults had their own space on the bookshop shelves, why couldn’t the New Nannas?

First cab off the rank from the audience was Darcy with her fabulous gardening/zombie mash tale that was even more of a mash when she introduced Jamie Oliver into the story.

‘Any other volunteers?’ asked Mr Casti.  I was hesitating (so not like me) then up went my hand. Did I really do that? Seemed I did and then I was at the microphone, and being introduced. I gave my name, my Twitter handle @Robyne7  – and launched into the pitch. (Note: despite having worked in television news and being very experienced as a public speaker – I still get the jitters! )

Robyne's pitch for the new Nanna genre

Pitching the new Nanna genre. Photo courtesy NSW Writers’ Centre

The New Adult genre has been announced, so I’ve decided we need a genre for the young Nannas out there.

This New Nanna genre is for those of us who are young nannas. We don’t have grey hair, wear our hair in buns and definitely aren’t ready for the retirement home.
We don’t like our coffee piping hot, and we don’t like being told when we order our double shot cappuccino with no chocolate on the top that we want a latte!

We Tweet, we Facebook, we Skype – taking great pleasure in seeing and talking to our grandchildren via our laptops and tablets.
We do not bake. We do not quilt. We do not knit. We are too busy writing, reflecting and blogging.
We are members of the New South Wales Writers’ Centre and the ASA. We read The Hoopla and we’re Destroying the Joint! Thank you.
(Note: Some syntax may have been injured in the development of this pitch. This pitch has not been edited from the presentation made.)

In all, three of us took up the challenge. In a very generous gesture, Darcy, Nick and I each received a free short course. I’ve already booked my spot in Writing Essentials: Sustain your Creative Life with Stephanie Dowrick .

So thanks NSW Writers’ Centre for a fab launch and what’s been a very warm welcome to the Sydney world of writing.

You can check out the great courses for the remainder of June and for July-December at the NSW Writers Centre here (This is not a sponsored post – but hey, I won a great short course, and the Centre is a fantastic resource for writers at whatever stage they are at. They deserve the shout out … or should that be ‘it’ deserves the shout out … singular, plural … )





About Robyne Young

Writer, creative writing teacher, editor, columnist. Literary lover. Short story collections, The Only Constant and The Basket and the Briefcase available via website.
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3 Responses to Look out: here comes the New Nanna genre!

  1. Zena Shapter says:

    Fantastic pitch, Robyne, and it was really great to see you there!!

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