In Celebration of World Poetry Day

This morning I decided I would blog in celebration of World Poetry Day.  These words were penned  (yes, penned, not word processed) when I spent some time last week at the New South Wales Writers’ Centre.

I was working away at some of the exercises from the text we are using for the first Research Methods Unit of the MA in Cultural and Creative Practice. Hazel Smith’s The Writing Experiment  has some terrific idea starters, and I had arrived at the ‘When Prose Turns to Poetry’ task.  After almost an hour and a half in the Christina Stead room, apparently once known as the Hobbit Room and from the shape of the room I can see why it was so named, it struck me that this room with its bright yellow walls was now misnamed.  These four lines found their way from pen to paper.

The Yellow Room

(On spending an afternoon in the Christina Stead Room at the New South Wales Writers’ Centre)

Christina Stead cannot live in this room
with its yellow walls too bright for
Seven Poor Men of Sydney or
The Man Who Loved Children


About Robyne Young

Writer, creative writing teacher, editor, columnist. Literary lover. Short story collections, The Only Constant and The Basket and the Briefcase available via website.
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